"The pieces lie well under the fingers, have a technical consistency, catch the jazz spirit in a manageable way but find some nice turns of phrase which give the music and individual voice"  

Peter Lawson, International Concert Pianist and Educator, RNCM and Chetham’s School of Music

‘I enjoyed them immensely. I was very taken by the variety, harmonic imagination and jazz idiom, which permeates all the pieces without being blatant or pastiche. I also very much enjoyed the playing on the CD.’ 

Anthony J. A. Williams, International Concert Pianist, author and educator, Head of Instrumental Music at Radley College Oxford, Adviser to the ABRSM

‘Sketches Books 1 and 2…offer short pieces in a range of styles but tending more towards jazz. They cover a spectrum of grades 3-7 with one or two quite challenging works, although most are about grade 4-5 standard. The performances on the CD are well recorded with fresh, vibrant playing. Both books provide plenty of innovative and enjoyable material, using a palette of creative sound effects. ‘Where the River Flows’, Book1, creates a haunting atmosphere with flowing semiquavers in the left hand and an eerie melody above in the right hand, followed by a middle section with striking harmonies and a surprise final ending. Book 2 has some rhythmically challenging pieces such as ‘Au Revoir Monsieur P’ and ‘Daybreak’ creates effective sound pictures with a shimmering rubato e perdendosi ending. Listening to the CD will help students internalize the ‘feel’ of the style. Highly recommended.’ 

Susan Grange, Piano Professional, European Piano Teachers Association (UK) Ltd, April 2003